TPE No-Slip Yoga Mat

Tired of slipping and sliding when doing yoga?! The TPE No-Slip Yoga Mat may be the perfect solution for you!

If you're looking for a yoga mat that's just the right size for you, the eco-friendly TPE 6mm No-Slip Yoga Mat is the perfect choice for you! With a small, portable size and thickness, this mat is great for yoga and meditation on the go. In addition, it is sculpted from a lightweight material that doesn't bunch up and provides ample cushioning for comfort. However, the biggest advantage of the TPE yoga mat is that it is fully slip-resistant, making it perfect for beginners or experienced yogis alike.

Thickness: 6 mm 

Length: 183cm X 61cm or 72-inch X 24 inch

Package Includes:

1x Yoga Mat

1x Case