SMART Weighing Scale - Bluetooth Capability

Need to track your fitness efforts? Look no further, our all new Smart Weighing Scale is the perfect product for you!

The Smart Weighing Scale is a high-quality, sleek and modern digital scale that has been engineered to weigh light and heavy objects accurately and efficiently. That's not all! The Smart Weighing Scale comes with its very own Smart App that allows you to track and access weight measurements from anywhere in the world! 


Is Smart Device: Yes

Type: Household Scales
Material: Toughened Glass
Shape: Square
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 180KG
Item name:SMART Weighing Scale
Size: 26cmx26cm
Colors: Rose Gold, Black, White
Weighing range: 0.1-180kg
Display mode: LED liquid crystal display
Power supply: 2*AAA Battery